Transformation is a word that has popped up for me lately in the last couple of weeks.  I thought the messages I was receiving in regards to transformation were pertaining to a change that was going on in my life.  It had to be something tangible, something I could see which made sense because I have had to make some major decisions lately.

However, as I contemplated over all the signs I was receiving, I suddenly had a realization that the transformation I was seeing in my outer world was reflecting the transformation I was going through internally.  It was a perfect match.

What was really happening was the resistance of an internal change that I knew deep down needed to happen.  I was seeing familiar patterns happening in my life once again.  I was very frustrated and fed up.  I knew in that moment that making the change in my outer world was not going to fix the problem.  I had to look deeper.

What I discovered about the familiar pattern I was seeing is that I had been living and operating in this particular area of my life from my inauthentic self.  There were old wounds, false beliefs that have been subconsciously helping me to self-sabotage my dreams.

So the real Transformation I needed to go through was living from my false self to my authentic self, to living the truth of who I am instead of who I think I am.  There is nothing on the outside that I could ever change to fix this.

As I begin my transformation from where I have been to where I want to be, there are distractions and a certain amount of discomfort. It is not easy but it is a choice.

I choose to be empowered and accept my true worth and value.

Are you ready to be empowered to make the change from where you are to where you want to be?

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With a kind heart,