Empowerment coaching holds the belief that change is created from within.  

It’s identifying where you are at emotionally or in terms of your personal empowerment, which will then affect your health, weight, wealth, relationships and how you show up in love and parenting.

For the first years of our life we are like sponges soaking up everything we experience. However, because we have no filter, and we have a hard time processing and understanding these experiences. We then begin to make them mean something either positive or negative about ourselves. If a negative belief begins to form, it then sticks with us into adulthood and directs the choices that we make today. As an Empowerment coach, I act as a guide to help my clients discover the hidden blocks that keep them stuck in belief systems that no longer serve them.
— Denise Barry

Are you feeling, shame, guilt and blame, fear or anger?

Wherever you are at under the surface really becomes the driving force for the way the world shows up for you.

Instead of trying to attack the problem, we shift you into a higher, lighter, happier, more empowered, more joyous place where you really start to see your choices.  For example, when you feel stuck, it is hard to make life changing decisions from that place.  So what we do is shift you so that you are in a much more empowered place emotionally.  So that you can see your choices, and together I help you navigate your way into a better life.  To a happier more empowered version of who you really are your Authentic Self.


How does this help with weight issues?

It helps you let go of the part of yourself for which eating excessively and self-destructive behavior has felt natural. Your losing weight is not just the removal of excess weight from your body, it is the removal of unwanted dynamic from your mind.

It will help you align yourself with the lightness of your Authentic Self so that the heavy energies of addictive and compulsive eating and unhealthy lifestyle choices will fall away on their own.

How do you know if this is for you?

This is for you if you are ready to look at the deeper causes of your suffering and pain. It requires an honest examination of your unprocessed pain and how it may be expressing itself as a desire to eat more than your body requires to stay healthy.

The real you has a natural wisdom for how best to eat.
— Marianne Williamson

Are you ready to take an honest look at your life and your eating patterns? 


With a kind heart,


Denise Barry is a Simply Woman Accredited Trainer (SWAT) certified Master Empowerment Coach.

What is SWAT?  

SWAT is a coaching academy from Toronto Canada. Click the link to find out more about SWAT.

What is AADP?

Denise Barry is a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.