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Denise Barry


Nikkea B. Devida

Accelerate Your Results

Do you find yourself caught in the same old patterns?  Are you ready to transform and finally break free?

Nikkea talks about how your beliefs can be negatively influencing you. However, there is hope and a way to change them and overcome them.



Juliet Martine

Life Purpose

Do you have a feeling that you are here for something bigger but not sure what that is?

Juliet explains how to step into your purpose.

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Mary O'Malley

Your Pain Can Be a Gift

We all carry a lot of pain and the only thing we have been taught is to manage our pain.

Mary explains how you can befriend your pain.


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Jennifer Hadley

The Cost of Not Forgiving

The word forgiveness can get in our way of understanding what true forgiveness really means.  True forgiveness is really letting go of the meaning that we have made of things.

Jennifer explains how forgiveness is our way out.

Caroline A. Shearer.jpeg

Caroline A. Shearer

Raise Your Financial Vibration

We have to heal that core emotion of knowing we are valuable, knowing we deserve abundance, knowing we deserve to feel safe and secure, and by doing so, the thoughts that trickle out from that point will start to create the reality we are looking for.

Caroline explains how much more financial possibility we actually have. 



Tonya Whittle

Weight & Body Image

When we change our thoughts, deal with our emotional stuff and take care of our bodies from a physical, emotional and intellectual standpoint it changes everything and gives us the freedom that most of us have craved but didn't believe it was possible.

Tonya explains how you can reclaim yourself and step into your power.


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Sally Guthrie


Imagine what life might look like if you lived without the debilitating effects of the worries you carry…

Sally explains how your mind holds the keys to unlock your blocks.


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Erin Kyna

Our outside world is a reflection of our internal world 

Your mind is your greatest gift but also can be your worst enemy.

Erin explains how important it is to filter and observe your thoughts.


Michelle Hastie

Chakras & Weght

Being willing to connect back to your body by listening to it, experiencing it, feeling it and being aware of it will escentially give you your weight loss plan.

Michelle explains how a blocked chakra can not only affect your weight but other areas of your life as well.


danijela jokic vaislay.jpg

Danijela Jokic Vaisley

Bust Your Excuses

Dreams and goals are not coincidences, each of us has a reason why we made up those New Year's Resolutions.

Danijela explains why excuses take over and we give up on our goals.


Ginger Marie

Happiness & Self Love

People are either searching for happiness or they are trying to find it, and when you search for happiness there is a sense that happiness is is outside of yourself.

Ginger explains how happiness is NOT conditional.


Catherine Behan

Law of Attraction

It"s all about how you tell your own story, but once you start normalizing your own experience, tell your story in a neutral way it is then that you start believing in what it is you are here for.

Catherine explains how to start telling a new story about your own life.



Sherry Gaba


A love addiction is like any other addiction, it is a way to fill the empty heart, to fill the void that's inside...that emptiness.

Sherry explains the signs and symptoms of a love addiction.

Jennifer headshot.png

Jennifer Trask

Success in Your Business

Mindset is important in business, by cleaning up beliefs allows everything you want in. 

Jennifer explains that the discovery of a block is just the first step, you then need to heal it so it doesn't keep showing up in your future.


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