Our long term results in what we want to change in our life can depend on whether we are taking action or inspired action to make the changes.
Are you wanting to make a change or currently attempting to make changes in your life from the thought system of “I am not enough”? “There is something wrong with me”, “I need to be fixed”, “My life will be so much better when…”
If so, the actions steps from this mindset tend to take a long time to figure out what to do, there is a feeling of overwhelm and frustration.  It feels like work and leaves you feeling drained and doubtful they are even going to work.  You continuously find yourself up against roadblocks. 
You tell yourself "I am going to FORCE IT to happen!"
This approach comes from a place of fear.  It may even feel like you are trying to push a heavy boulder up a large hill.  It is no fun and you make little progress, it’s hard and most often give up.
However, if you really want results to last you want to take inspired action.
Inspired Action comes from the thought system of “I am enough”, “I don’t need to be fixed”, “There is nothing wrong with me”.
The changes you want to see in your life are because you want to enhance your life not because there is something lacking in your life.  You feel total and complete.
The inspired action steps from this mindset comes easily and naturally. They make sense and feel right.  It doesn’t seem like work and you enjoy the process.  You allow things to happen in a natural progression.  You are trusting the process and have faith it will work. 
You feel positive about yourself and gives you energy
You have stepped into your POWER!
However, it is not so easy to just do that.  We are surrounded by advertising and social media that promotes that lack mentality, that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed which then ultimately leads to the action steps we take.  Reminders that we are just not good enough.
So, how do you take inspired action? 

That's where I come in.
As an Empowerment Coach I help YOU weed through all the thoughts you have about yourself that are preventing YOU from believing the truth about yourself.  I help remove the old stories, old beliefs and limitations.  I help you understand that “I am not enough” voice in your head is just an illusion, so that you can hear your true voice and begin to take inspired action from that space of “I am enough” and step fully into your POWER and get the results you desire.
Are you ready to take inspired action? Are you ready for lasting results in your life?  Are you ready to step into your POWER?

Here is an example of what can happen when you work with me...

Working with Denise was exceptional! Her coaching allowed me to fully accept my purpose and to understand the fear I had and how it was holding me back. It was incredibly empowering. Thanks Denise.
Rebecca - Sydney Australia

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