We all have two voices inside of us.  The first is the voice of our true self, the self you came into this world as perfect, whole…your True Self.  The second voice is the voice of your inner critic which is loud, unkind, a bully…your False Self.

What most of us don’t realize is that we can make a choice as to which one we listen to.  It doesn’t feel that way because one of them is stronger and is running your life.   I can bet that the voice of your inner critic is stronger because it is the loudest and the one you pay most attention to.  You feed it with your attention. 

However, the voice of your true self never goes away.  It is just hidden and covered up by the tyrant of that inner critic.  The inner critic limits you and dulls your shine, your authentic self.  Then we do things to numb ourselves, to hide and quiet this inner critic.

So how do you quiet that inner critic?     

Recognize it ...by watching your thoughts like a hawk and being mindful of the thoughts that pop in.  What do you say to yourself as you are getting dressed in the morning, driving to work, standing in line at the grocery store?  Do you hear yourself beating yourself up for not being enough, your body image or replaying past events over and over in your head?  The inner critic will always make you feel depressed, upset or frustrated.

You can’t quiet them unless you know what they sound like, you have to be able to recognize them.If you can see them for what they are you can call them out and say “I am on to you, I know what you are trying to do. You are just trying to keep me small and take away my power.” 

This doesn’t completely take that inner critic voice away but what it is does it quiets it long enough so that you know you have a choice as to whether to listen to it or not and choice =empowerment!

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You don't have to figure it all out on your own. None of us were meant to.

With a kind heart,

Denise Barry
Master Empowerment Coach