One of my favorite childhood movies, The Wizard of Oz, ended up being one of the movies that taught me some of the biggest life lessons.

In the movie, the four characters traveled the yellow brick road in hope that they would find that one thing that would solve all their problems.

Just like those characters I think we can all relate to looking outside of ourselves for answers that will make all our pain and anguish disappear. 

We have fooled ourselves in to thinking that we can find missing pieces of ourselves in relationships, shopping, alcohol, food, jobs, etc.

However, we only think a part of our self is missing, that is the trick of the ego.  It tricks us into believing we are not whole, powerful and need to be fixed.  That is how it stays in control and takes over our life.  Directing our choices that are not in alignment with our authentic self.

I am here to tell you that the searching can stop.  Dorothy was right when she so famously said, “There is no place like home!”

Whatever you think you are lacking, you will find that it has been inside you all the time.

The four characters already had everything they needed right inside of themselves.

They didn’t need to fix themselves, but to be themselves.

As an Empowerment coach, I believe the answers you’re seeking already exist inside of you.

My mission is to simply help you find them.

I look forward guiding you down your own yellow brick road and back to your authentic self, click here to book a complimentary discovery call and let me lead you back home.

You don't have to figure it all out on your own. None of us were meant to.

With a kind heart,

Denise Barry
Master Empowerment Coach