Have you ever been afraid of what you may find out about yourself if you were to take the time to look within?

If so, you are not alone.   I have spoken to many people that have that same fear, myself included.  I remember being very anxious just before I was to meet with a coach or go to a self development workshop.  What if they find out my secrets? What if they confirm all the horrible things I say about myself are actually true?  What if I really am a bad person?  What if I can’t handle the truth?!!

But to my surprise, they never judged me or confirmed I was a bad person.  In fact it was just the opposite.  I was open an honest with them.  I thought if I want to get better and feel better I best put it all out in the open.  And after disclosing everything I would walk away with an understanding of “why” I did some of the things I did and “why” I believed certain things about myself.

To my surprise I was not broken or damaged goods.  I really got to know myself and understood the pain I was feeling did not define who I was. 

Certain events in my life help shape the thoughts I began to have about myself, dis-empowering thoughts about myself.  I created a “survival mechanism” in order to cope with the situation(s) I was going through.   Which helped me at the time but couldn’t see for myself that it did not serve me anymore as the “emergency situation” was over and I no longer needed to survive it.

With the help of a coach I began to understand that the limiting beliefs and programming that was formed at that time kept replaying over and over in my mind and therefore then showed up in dysfunctional ways in my physical life. 

I was no longer in “danger”, so to speak, the event was over however my brain did not understand this and kept trying to protect me (or so it thought that was what it was doing). So, what was once used to help protect me was now holding me back and keeping me from living life, feeling stuck and dis-empowered.  Keeping me from living in the truth of who I really was.

So, underneath all the sh#@ that I was carrying and believing about myself I found my REAL self, my authentic self.  It was not a matter of fixing but more so clearing away old programming, beliefs and conditioning that I picked up along the way.  There was nothing wrong with me after all!

You are no different than me, we are all born to shine bright and we are all innately “good”.  There is nothing to FEAR. 

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

It may feel real but I want to assure you it isn’t.  Fears job is to trick you into thinking you are anything less than brilliant, that way it can stay in control and take your power away.

Are you ready to look FEAR in the face, call its bluff and finally come back to the truth of who you really are?

I believe you are ready!

When you are in it, it's hard to see out of it.  Click here to book a complimentary discovery call so together I can help you face fear in the face, discover what's holding you back reveal your true authentic self which you will see has been there the whole time.

You don't have to figure it all out on your own. None of us were meant to.

With a kind heart,

Denise Barry
Master Empowerment Coach