Everything has a positive and negative, which means we have all emotions within ourselves, not just the ones we deem “good”. 

When the so called “bad” emotions come up we want to push them away or better yet make them go away.  They are uncomfortable and make us feel heavy, drained and exhausted. 

Even though it would be great to always feel “good”, the so called “bad” emotions have a purpose.  They are messengers for us, our very own built in Global Navigation System.

But they are only helpful if you understand what they are saying to you.

Each emotion emits a frequency or energy.  The emotions that feel heavy and weighed down are the most dense and have the lowest amount of energy. 

I will use the light bulb analogy: we were all born with a 1000-watt bulb inside of us.  We were born to shine bright but life happens and eventually we lose our brightness in certain areas of our life.

For example, Shame and guilt are two of the lowest frequencies.  Out of the potential 1000-watts, feeling shame and guilt will only allow you to shine at at 20 – 30 watts. 

Shame means “who I am is no good.”

Guilt means “what I did was no good.”

Can you see how it would feel very dark, heavy and impossible to see what to do next if you are resonating at this level?  There is lots of baggage you are carrying that is preventing you from shining.

However, in order to rise above these emotions, you have to take a look at them to see what they are telling you.  Otherwise they will just keep appearing until you learn the lesson.

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You don't have to figure it all out on your own. None of us were meant to.

With a kind heart,

Denise Barry
Master Empowerment Coach