What does freedom mean to you?  Does it mean not being controlled, told what to do or having zero restrictions?

The minds version of freedom is letting go of thoughts and feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones such as Fear, Anger, Doubt and Sadness.

But is that really possible?

…the answer is “NO”.

The mind thinks that freedom is some sort of destination or goal.

But what if it isn’t?

Believe it or not Freedom is your nature.

This may come as a surprise but freedom is not what thoughts and feelings you can be free from but more so the allowing of those thoughts and feelings.

Instead of pushing them away, you welcome them and allow them to come and go.

You end the struggle and make room for them.

I recently heard this analogy that perfectly describes this process:
“Think of yourself as the sky and your thoughts and feelings are part of the ever-changing weather.  They can be positive or negative such as a storm, sleet, fog or snow. But because you are the sky, there is so much room and you are just the space they are contained in.”

Can you see how the struggle would end if you stopped pushing those thoughts and feelings away but rather welcome them and allow them to stay as long as they want?

You are not letting anything go but rather letting them “BE”.

You are not your thoughts and feelings, you are the space.

Be the space where every thought and feeling has a home.

Remember you are the sky not the storm!

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You don't have to figure it all out on your own. None of us were meant to.

With a kind heart,

Denise Barry
Master Empowerment Coach