I am not sure about you but I am the type person that gathers a lot of information on topics that interest me.  My most passionate topic is “self-help”.  I have read book after book, signed up for numerous email newsletter subscriptions and have taken many courses.
We live in an “Information Age”.  Information is at our fingertips, one click of a google search and you have immediate access to an endless supply. 
The lack of information is NOT really the problem, when we are trying to address an issue that we would like to resolve.   We are actually in information overload. 
It is more so what we do with that information once we receive it. 
Do you read a book, highlight a bunch of great points to remember, but once you finish the book you put in your bookshelf and there it sits? 
Do you go see a motivational speaker, walk out the door, get in your vehicle and carry on with your old ways? 
Do you ever sit and wonder when things are going to change for you?
I will tell you from personal experience that nothing will change unless you DECIDE you are DONE living with the way you have been living.  Done wishing, waiting and wondering.
Once you Decide, you Move and Transformation begins.
Stop gathering information, start using it.

My role as coach is not only to teach but also shine light on the path so you can see where you are going.  
I am here to provide a gift for you…the gift of time, a safe space and supportfor you to assimilate the information, to integrate the information and to applythe information in order for you to TRANSFORM and start living the life you deserve.
See how quickly your life will begin to change.
Do you want more information or are you READY to change?
Book a time in my calendar to speak to me directly.  My discovery calls are a great place for you to get to know me and ask any questions you may have.  Contacting me is putting you in forward motion.  It’s saying YES to YOU and your dreams.
Book your free discovery call with me - because you don't have to figure it all out on your own. 

With a kind heart,