I know that for many people, especially women, the “Holiday Season” can add more to your plate than you feel you can handle.

Does your to-do list stress you out even thinking about it?

Are you wishing there were more hours in the day?

Do you question if you can get everything done in time?

Are you even looking forward to the holiday season or dreading it?

We tend to operate in masculine energy when it comes to getting things accomplished.

  • push through
  • keep at it
  • ignore how you are feeling
  • do it now
  • get things done
  • cross it off your lists
  • move faster, etc.

Women are not designed to operate this way and can play a huge role in our health and well-being. It has less to do with woman vs. man but with Yin vs. Yang.
There is a deep imbalance between Yin and Yang where Yin has been depleted by an excessively aggressive Yang. 
Honour the feminine: Nourish YIN energy
Yin is all about nourishing, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Here are some tips to nourish your Yin and strengthen your feminine energy during this holiday season:



you may not feel “allowed” or have time, but the more you wear yourself out the less productive you will be.  Think of ways to restore your energy so you don’t end up running on empty.  

Nourish yourself: 

Eat fresh foods; quality protein, vegetables and fruit.  It’s all about balance, enjoy the holiday food, just don’t make it a meal.

Get some fresh air:

Go outside and get in touch with nature.  

Give your mind a break:

In the hustle and bustle of the season, there are usually few moments where your mind is not at work. Quiet time is important to nourish the Yin energy. Mediation is a great tool to use. 

Ask yourself important questions: 

  • Do I want to get it all done or do I want to enjoy the holiday season?
  • Can I give up perfection and take something off my to-do list? 
  • How can I simplify? 

Slowing down and taking time to nourish yourself will not only benefit your energy but will benefit those around you.
Cultivating balance in your life will not only affect you but it will eventually extend to the world around you.
Feminine energy strengthened will eventually soften the extreme Masculine powers we are under. 
Isn’t it time to allow your life-giving, life-protecting and creative qualities to blossom once again?

Let's continue this discussion

I'd love to hear from you. We can discover how you can apply this into your own life together. 

With a kind heart,