Empowerment Coaching Helps You Be the Best Version of Yourself.
Empowerment Coaching By Using the SWAT Philosophy

Empowerment Coaching Is Designed To Set You Free


We All Have Hidden Blocks Holding Us Back From Being The Best Version of Ourselves - Empowerment Coaching Helps You Reclaim Your Power.

Empowerment coaching provides you the tools you need to live your life with a sense of ownership and direction. It is for anyone that feels like “something” is holding them back from being their authentic self but can’t understand why or what “it” may be. 

Denise Barry is a Simply Woman Accredited Trainer (SWAT) certified Master Empowerment Coach.

I help my clients uncover any subconscious beliefs or old wounds that may be keeping them stuck in disempowering emotions, relationships or situations that are hindering them from living their life from their most authentic self.
— Denise Barry

Denise uses the SWAT philosophy for empowerment that focuses on building the connection between body, mind and spirit. She works with her clients to move them from a constricted or fear based belief system to one of love and acceptance.  

Clients will be shown and guided on how to release the fears and obstacles that have limited them. They will be provided tools which will allow them to live as their most authentic self.


Empowerment Coaching Is Different Than Life Coaching. Here's How:

Life coaching is typically “action oriented,” meaning a client comes to a coach with a certain goal in mind. Life coaches help the client create “to do” lists, and outline incremental steps that need to be taken to achieve this goal. Life coaching is more focused on the end result.

Empowerment coaching holds the belief that change is created from within. It is less about goals, and more about uncovering their true value and purpose through a strategic process of stripping away and rewriting inner dialogue.

Be Empowered...

I came to Denise because I was looking for a shift in my view of myself. Facing a major life shift, I knew there were areas of my life where I was holding myself back. Denise helped me to see those areas, and to release them
— Client Testimonial

Empowerment Coaching in Regina

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