When I came to Denise for coaching, I had one issue that I just couldn’t work through on my own. I thought that I knew myself pretty well because I’ve been doing self-help since before it was cool. But Denise provided such a safe, nurturing space that I was able to discover and dig in so much deeper than I ever thought was possible. The issue that brought me to Denise was an opening to deep, lasting change. I will be forever grateful for the healing that has taken place because of my work with Denise.
— Caramia

I had just one focused session with Denise as I want to climb a big mountain at the end of the year. She got straight to the point and helped me see that my wounded inner child needed to be seen, heard and loved before I embark on an exercise campaign. If I don’t then the voices that say I’ll only be loved if I lose weight or that I look stupid when I exercise will take over and sabotage my life. I am already underway with my training and so far so good, and if I go off track I come back to the message, and listen to what I need. It’s a pattern that’s really starting to work for me. Thanks Denise - it was a real break through.
— AB

Denise has a special anointing for this work. I had more breakthroughs with her during our first hour long coaching call than I had with months of counseling with an Ivy League trained therapist. Denise is equal and perfect parts gentle and firm. I have two very young sons ages two and 11 months. She remained patient, committed, and sweet through every distraction they inspired during our calls. While empathetic to my stories and feelings, she insisted that I step into my power and discover solutions. She encouraged me to think higher than my ego and reclaim the voice of my Authentic Self. After our calls, I always felt witnessed and empowered. For that, I am forever grateful.
— JG

Today I stand on my own with new tools and love for myself. In life we try to take on the weight of the world and try to stay strong for too long and lose our power. For me my vice was food and falling into a childlike state. The little abused girl with no say, no voice and no choices. Thank goodness for me Denise could see my defeat and pain and opened up her kind heart and gracious mind to me. The first session with Denise was very powerful and something shifted within me. Everything around me was different and I wasn’t affected by others moods or demands. It was empowering to not get caught up in everyone’s emotions. Each week my confidence grew with her help. She has provided me tools to live instead of cope. I can now live life happy and healthy. Thank you for making me a better Me.
— Shari

I immediately felt comfortable with Denise. She took me through my pain and guided me as I gut wretchedly shared my childhood and told her about my lost Little Girl. She coached me to write letters to those that hurt me and led me to let go of those hurts as I put my words on paper and then watched them burn into the nothingness that they now have over me.

I was impatient with her, demanding that she show me the path to stop feeling this pain. I was bawling and frantic. Her calm and serene voice stopped me dead in my tracks and refocused my attention to the moment where I am totally myself. She moved me from my head to my heart. She exposed my Gold and helped me bring my Little Girl to the surface where I can take care of her, nurture her and allow her to be heard.

The moment Denise had me see my Gold was the defining moment for me. I cracked open in that instant. Denise cracked me open with her unconditional love and support for me. I saw my Gold for the first time and my Life changed forever in that moment.

At that moment I knew who I was and once you know you know and it is forever. Denise helped me free my Little Girl—and now that she is free and being heard and I am loving her; she will no longer sabotage me!

The next path that I am following is to work through me not feeling worthy and that I am deserving of Love and success…to not be afraid to Shine.

I want to be able to Love myself as much as I Love my children and as much as they Love me -unconditionally. I will get there!

I am forever grateful.
— Paula